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sue fitzsimmons

Pronouns: she/her

Consultant & Executive Facilitator

I believe in the power of creativity, imagination, and the arts.

I’m a big picture thinker. I crave the moment when it all comes together into a clear frame. Whether writing stories, songs, strategic directions, or communications, taking a set of ideas and helping them hang together is my superpower. People appreciate the way I can cut through complexity and articulate the heart of the matter in an understandable and accessible way. I have been affectionately referred to as the CFO around the executive table: Chief Framing Officer. If that was a real job title, I would apply for sure!

I am an artist at heart: I sing, write songs, play piano (well) and guitar (poorly), paint, write and illustrate stories and poems. I love sports and play ice hockey - the Oilers are my team! I am a golfer, paddleboarder, dog walker, hiker, backpacker, bicycle rider, and kitchen dancer ... among other things.

I am grateful for my small and close-knit family - my daughter, my husband, our dog and I - and I feel fortunate every day to have had the opportunities I’ve had. There is much to be grateful for and many blessings to count.

sue fitzsimmons
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