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stewart cook

Pronouns: he/him/his

Executive Coach & Leadership Consultant

I am a believer in people, the value of formal and informal education and the significance of the lived experiences that people bring to conversations.  I also strongly believe in lifelong learning and my own journey has provided me with many learning opportunities. 

As an executive coach, you can trust that I have walked the walk and talked the talk.  I started my career in the manufacturing industry as a machinist and then went back to school with the goal of becoming a teacher.  My education led me to teaching at a post-secondary in the machinist trade which led me to a management position and eventually a senior leadership position.  From the front lines to the boardroom, the most important thread that wove through my career is that people are everything. My work as an executive coach is a natural extension of my lifelong dedication to championing the human side of leadership to cultivate thriving organizational cultures and drive impactful change.

I am intentional about creating a life I enjoy. Cooking and good food are ways that I connect with family and friends.  A perfect day could be sitting by a campfire, listening to the river flow, and thinking about the fish I will catch or standing on top of a mountain looking down at the run I am about to tackle during spring skiing. Travelling and exploring bring me joy and I believe that no matter where you travel, you can find interesting people and things - just ask me about Detroit sometime!

stewart cook
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