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colleen lowe

Pronouns: she/her

Consultant, Curriculum and Instruction

 I have been in the field of education far longer than I care to admit!  I began my career in the K to 12 school system and retired from the post-secondary system after many memorable decades as an educator (and learner) in support of all ages. l am excited to come out of retirement, from time to time, to walk and talk with fellow educators about their ever-evolving journey. I have a strong understanding and respect for the art and science of teaching and I believe that there isn’t much that an honest conversation can’t figure out.  

Throughout my many years in education, I was drawn to and related with the students (and staff) I have affectionately labeled ‘spicy’.  These are the souls who kept me on my toes to stay current with the skills and attributes of successfully facilitating learning spaces. And then of course, the sheer breadth and depth of skill and knowledge of today’s instructors also inspires me to stay on my toes, and happily so. I cherish the personal learning and growth that ultimately results from my post-retirement work.

I am a hardcore introvert who loves to come out to play with special souls now and then. I happily recharge at home with my wonderfully ‘spicy’ husband and very unique feline friend.

colleen lowe
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