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alison lewis

Pronouns: she/her

Founder & Lead Consultant

If you know me, you know I love working with people. From an early career in teaching youth who displayed emotional and behavioral dysregulation, to the years spent in leadership, to building this wonderful company aimed at promoting organizational transformation and effectiveness, I've learned that my strengths lie in my ability to objectively listen to the goals of others and then create and facilitate a plan to help others move toward their goals.


I'm a naturally curious individual, and a self-proclaimed spokesperson for challenging the status quo (because let's face it, the ‘tried and true’ can often be about as progressive and helpful as a horse and buggy on a busy highway). I believe in a world that's constantly evolving and that we must work towards embracing change, fostering innovation, and adapting with an open mind, because growth and progress thrive on the foundation of flexibility and forward-thinking. 

I spend most of my off-hours with family and friends socializing over good food (and the occasional delightful cocktail). I'm an avid runner (yes, even in Alberta's winter months) and I pour into myself by exploring new places, people, and things. You can often find me travelling in our van that we converted into a tiny cozy sanctuary. In the summer, the van takes us to wonderful hidden places to fly fish in the backcountry, and in the winter, to ski in the mountains. 

I love sharing ideas, thoughts, and theories, but I absolutely and vehemently draw the line at sharing my chocolate. A person must have some boundaries!

alison lewis
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