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alana fukushima

Pronouns: she/her

Consultant, Student Affairs & Conflict Resolution

When I think back to what I wanted to 'be' growing up, this is it! My career in Higher Education has been exactly what I hoped to do without having known it existed. Having a deep desire to understand people and their context has been a thread through my interests and motivation, I am passionate about creating opportunities for meaningful connection and transformation. I am known for my intentional approach and commitment to excellence in designing and implementing programs, systems, and governance that effectively support the success of students and teams while advancing institutional objectives. I have been recognized through institutional and regional awards for my approach to leading teams through difficult transitions, advancing student learning and development, and for presentations I have delivered regionally and internationally. 


I am an explorer at heart- of people, ideas, and places. With that being said, most of my free time is spent close to home with my family and friends. I deeply enjoy having meaningful conversations, watching documentaries, reading books, and adventuring (near and far). I have an appreciation for anything and everything creative, as an Artist I primarily paint and make mixed media art. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alberta with a Double Major in Psychology and Art and Design.  

alana fukushima
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