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we’re ready for change.


We cherish the mess, the unknown, the polarities.

We’re trusted listeners, facilitators, thinking partners.

We catalyze transformation through engagement.

We believe in better, more equitable tomorrows. 

From tweaks to transformations, let’s journey together.

why work with us

We value you as the expert. We trust you know your business.

We learn from you first, so we can excel at what we do.

We listen, question, clarify, challenge and then…

We identify, prioritize and design. We unleash the power and potential of your team. 

We help find the sweet spot of doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time.

We work together to tell the story of what success looks like, to advance your organization to new levels.

We are problem solvers, ideators, researchers, creators, innovators and often disruptors.

We care about your business and will partner with you to support your vision.

That's why you should work with us.



facilitation &


holistic research & 


coaching & expert


strategies &

growth &


competence & 


Founder & Consultant

Meet alison! 

alison lewis (PhD) is an experienced and acclaimed expert in strategic leadership, innovation, organizational change and social progress.

Driven by authenticity, playfulness and empathy, alison merges the professional with the personal, inspiring meaningful change, encouraging team effectiveness, and advancing equity by truly seeing, believing and engaging people.


"Red Deer Polytechnic engaged Alison to facilitate our executive team retreat. As a new team, we needed to learn about each other, about our opportunities as a polytechnic and how we best move our organization forward. We needed to clarify our priority work and also integrate it and the ideas of the team into existing strategic and operational plans. To say our task was complex is an understatement and Alison was able to support the work with effective facilitation, ideation and ultimately draw the creative energy from the group, to establish the result that has refined our direction. Alison is a skilled facilitator and leadership coach. She helped our team achieve what was needed and we continue to apply her ideas. Team members also continue to engage Alison for their strategic planning needs. I look forward to working with her again."

Stuart Cullum, BA, BEd, MBA

President, Red Deer Polytechnic 

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